Who are we?

QualityCorrect is a company providing guidance, advice and support to companies operating in fields of Pharmaceuticals, Medical devices and food, including vitamins.

Experience with European, US, Australian, Indian and Middle eastern authorities.

We have global expertise ranging from :

  • purchasing
  • incoming inspections
  • product release
  • supply chain up to the final customer

Next to advice and guidance, QualityCorrect provides hands on support to solve back-log, lean based efficiency and re-organizations.
Currently one employee/founder: Djagdies (Johnny) Ramnarain



Djagdies (Johnny) Ramnarain

Johnny holds a master in Quality management. With more than 25 years’ experience able to quickly assess, get the Root Cause and provide solutions.
There are no problems, just challenges that we need to face and overcome.
Johnny was part of Quality Review Boards, Management Teams and held many management positions in addition to executive duties. Therefore, he can support/advice on company or departmental strategy or (re) organizations
In 2022 and 2023 he managed to get Microbe&Lab the ISO 9001 certificate, the ISO 13485 certificate and the ISO 15189 accreditation.

Employed by the following companies in Quality Control, Quality Assurance, Supply Chain and Regulatory Affairs.
Food Industrie: Pharmaceuticals: Medical Devices/Vitamins:
Melkunie Abbot (Former Solvay Pharmaceuticals) FitForMe
Mona Crucell Microbe&lab
Eru Pharming SkylineDX
Stegeman Janssen Biologics
Johma ProQR