Our experience

Johnny gained experience in almost all areas, below an overview the areas we could help you to optimise, comply and become more efficient.
⦁ Sampling (chemical, microbial and mechanical)
⦁ Testing (chemical, microbial and mechanical)
⦁ Incoming goods (chemical, microbial and mechanical)
⦁ Stability (chemical, microbial and mechanical)
⦁ Release (of raw materials) (chemical, microbial and mechanical)
⦁ Storage
⦁ Supplier management and agreements
⦁ Quality Management System
⦁ Change Control
⦁ Deviations
⦁ Non-Conformances (products)
⦁ Complaints (handling/management)
⦁ Manufacturing
⦁ Sterile manufacturing
⦁ Clean room
⦁ Batch records review and optimization
⦁ Optimize or design packaging and labelling
⦁ Supply chain (cold chain)
⦁ Training (customized to your need and topic)
⦁ Audits
⦁ Lean Six Sigma, efficiency and tools
⦁ Communication
⦁ Planning
⦁ (more efficient) meetings
⦁ Define (better) Key Performance Indicators
⦁ Motivating and convincing
⦁ Increase quality awareness
And many more topics, whatever you need.